In 1987 I set off on a spiritual journey ... the insights gained culminated in a 'panharmonicon' of 150 essays about words and numbers, life and death, war and peace, truth and truthiness, meditation and Zen ... that sort of thing.

The book is available at Lulu. Please note: My e-book is formatted as a PDF file; on your computer or iPad (with a lot of space), read the e-book two pages up. However, I urge you to buy the paperback ... flick through it, see what you find.

The printed book is approx. A4 in size (US letter) and it is printed on demand (POD). Delivery takes about a week or two. The AU$ price - incl. shipping - is around AU$29.95 ... depending on how the dollar is behaving at the time.

Please note: My book en.light.en.ment - as well as all my other books - is only available here, through my website, from Lulu.