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“en.light.en.ment affirms the good of humanity while challenging elements of human thought and life; it is a spiritual invitation to unconstrained free thinking. Each essay is a novel bite of an in-depth topic, favoring fresh thought over comprehensive deconstruction.

"This volume with 150 pages of essays presents philosophical themes from war & peace, pacifism, Zen, truth, meditation, love, yoga to deep-thinking analyses of topics like guns, soldiers, terrorism, duty, reality, cosmos, justice, service, money.

"Burmeister brings humor and keen insight to the problems and solutions of the human condition. Creative diction and varied syntax show that he relishes language ... and while there certainly is some brash irreverence here, essays are more often an earnest plea to rethink - and break free from - the traps that so many of us fall into. The book presents a challenge and urges determined exploration ... but the result is far from elitist, off-putting or aggressive.“

Carsten Burmeister’s Book