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in this age of climate change my most pertinent
blogs are 1000 "The Psychology of Climate Change
Denialism" and 1001 "The Future is Now"


1023 A rotten Apple

I've used shiny, fresh Apples for 32 years,
but the shine has worn off, the Apple has shriveled

1022 Trump: It's gonna be just fine

Trumps has it under control
and it's gonna be just fine

1021 The existential question regarding COVID 19

There are many questions about COVID 19   
but one is truly existential 

1020 More Corona Virus

Here's the in-depth info on Covid 19 you need
brought to us by Kurzgesagt

1019 Coronavirus anyone?

What can every individual do regarding the Coronavirus? Flatten the curve.

1018 Don't Divide Us

The religious discrimination bill will divide the community on religious grounds, instead of bringing us together 

1017 A Glitch in the Matrix

A Glitch in the Matrix, Jordan Peterson and
12 Rules for Life: Antidote for Chaos

1016 Bernie Sanders with Joe Rogan

Bernie Sanders with Joe Rogan
he sure is my kinda guy

1015 Dawkins on CNN and BBC

Richard Dawkins talks about religion and politics
and the religious indoctrination of children

1014 Lover

Lover, a pop song that really pops

1013 Mr Turner

We watched a stupendous movie: Mr Turner

1012 No Nicer Feeling

Lotto, there's no nicer feeling
than kicking the habit

1011 Beethoven and Social Media

A surprise discovery shows Beethoven was an early social media adapter

1010 Taylor Swift

I went to Taylor Swift country, with very mixed results ... a very sweet young woman, allowing herself to be used (abused?) for a horrifically violent turn at entertainment

1009 Shine On, You Crazy Diamond

'Be Yourself' is a popular cliché ...
here's the root of it, found in stoicism

1008 Our PM met with the people's wrath

Our Prime Minister has been subjected to a truth:
Australians are fed up with the government's climate change denial

1007 Australia, the Road to Hell

Here's a look at Australia and our road to hell
as seen by the New York Times

1006 Death-by-stupid

We read Ms. Farrelly's articles every week
this week's is a corker

1005.2 Our PM's Pentecostalism

Our PM's Pentecostalism in the spotlight
wait till you get a load of this!

1005.1 Our PM's Pentecostalism

What shall we make of our PM's Pentecostalism?

1004 Charlie Pickering, Climate Change and Alan Jones

What can a grain of rice tell us about climate change?
As it turns out lots.

1003 News at NEWS Corp

It came as a bombshell surprise to News Corp 

1002 World Peace

Is World Peace achievable?

1001 The Future is Now

What if the future was now?

1000 The Psychology of Climate Change Denialism

The Psychology of Climate Change Denialism exposed

999 The Age of Consequences

Climate change as you've never thought about it

998 Apple iPhone 11 Pro Mark II

Announced today: Apple iPhone 11 Pro Mark II 

997 Australia, as seen by the New York Times

This article by Richard Flanagan tells it like it is

996 Balmoral New Year's Day 2020

A special day, the Aussie way

Carsten's blog

Dear readers,

I have arrived at a cross-roads. In Australia my blog did not elicit many responses in the past. With the new year - a new decade - I decided to start with a clean slate ... 


995 Unity Gym is a Movement Gym

How does Unity Gym deal with weight loss?

994 A Virgin Birth?

In a couple of days 2019 years ago Jesus Christ was born of a virgin. Or was he?

993 The Daily Stoic

A new link to another favourite website

992 Climate Emergency

Some argue that 11,000 scientists are still not enough to convince them!

991 ER - Extinction Rebellion

Who are Extinction Rebellion and what do they want?

990 Ten Point Plan for a Secular Australia, with Michael Kirby

Australia is a secular country, let's not mess with that status through a Religious Freedom Bill

989 China, the Perfect Dictatorship

If China is the perfect dictatorship, where do we stand?

988 Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and prayers are not enough

987 Something wicked: Climate Change Denial

Something wicked is going on in Australia:
the Climate Change Denialists lobby 
will lead us into catastrophe

986 Pill Testing vs decriminalising drugs

What shall be done about people taking illicit drugs?

985 Children and religious education

Jesuit maxim: Give us a child till s/he’s seven 
and we’ll have them for life

984 Religion and indoctrination of the young

A pertinent question: Should parents be allowed to enforce religion on their children?

983 The Ontological Proof

Philosophy for Dummies: The Ontological Proof for the Existence of God

982 The Greta factor

Greta Thunberg has created a stir, let's hope it stirred in the right places

981 Ethics and Religion

Do ethical principles stem from religion?

980 Australian Soldiers in Iraq

Why are Australian soldiers still in Iraq?

979 Climate Change Misconceptions debunked

Climate Change is hard to grasp, here are five misconceptions debunked

978 Kids and porn, a reality check

At what age should you talk to your kids about porn?

977 Richard Dawkins in good form

Enjoy Richard Dawkins at his best opposite a rather disappointing interviewer

976 Stan Grant and the Australian Dream

Stan Grant is a voice in Aboriginal Australia for all Australians