1015 Dawkins on CNN and BBC

British scientist Richard Dawkins discusses Donald Trump, political tribalism and our shifting moral zeitgeist with CNN's Bianca Nobilo and in the video below, with Evan Davis, about religion, indoctrination, militancy and the truth of science.

In America it is not advised to say you’re an atheist if you want to be elected to office, especially if you want to be elected to the presidency. Sanders, a secular Jew, doesn’t call himself an atheist. The way he puts it is that he’s “not actively involved in organized religion,” and that he believes in God, just not in a traditional manner. “To me,” he has said of his religion, “it means that all of us are connected, all of life is connected, and that we are all tied together.”

In this interview Richard Dawkins is asked about religion and politics. He is horrified about the apparent abandonment of a dedication to truth in the public conversation and as far as him being religious, he says he is a follower of the “religion of truth”.

Asked about his new book “Outgrowing God”, written for a young audience, he says probably the biggest problem with religions is that young people - children - are indoctrinated as they grow into a religion.

Dawkins says there are very good reasons why children should belief in what their parents say, so it is only natural that they will follow the religion of their parents.

Furthermore, when talking about morality, he makes the point we better not get our morals from religions, what with burning witches and killing people for breaking the sabbath etc.

These are subjects dear to me, I have many referenceto these issues on this blog and in my book.

The video below is Dawkins confirming his belief on being tolerant to other beliefs, as long as they are tolerant too. Hear, hear. This is a great little interview, Dawkins is ever so persuasive with his arguments around reason and science.