Apple iPhone 15 PRO MaxI

Apple just announced the iPhone 15 PRO Max with - due to large demand - four cameras and a viewfinder as an accessory: it addresses the issue of the screen glared-out by sunlight; a serious problem for dedicated iPhotographers.

A welcome upgrade is the fourth camera - a true tele lens. Apple mis-named the third lens as a 'tele', whereas it really is a 'normal' lens. The original three lenses are the ultra wide 13mm, the wide 26mm and the 52mm ... which is a 'normal'. *

Added now is a true tele of 104mm. Now the iPhone truly is a PRO ... just like my Canon Pro camera, with its Pro zoom lens, which ranges from 24mm (wide) via 50mm (normal) to 105mm (tele) ... and (since it's a zoom) everything in-between.

With the Pro camera system Apple added a super-wide, which was a super-smart move, because - while there always is the 'pano' option - it is great to have super-wide in the one shot ... just as it is great to now have tele without digital zooming.

These are the PRO features: 1) no more digital zooming (PROs crop their pics in post) just a button to choose any of the four lenses. 2) optional manual focus: move a cursor, the camera focuses, the focus stays locked in. 3) Raw files. Cool.

Furthermore: 4) it is sensible to limit the iPhone cameras to 12mp. But for pro cameras the 'sweet-spot' is 20mp. In a standard iPhone that'd be too much, the files would be too large; but 20mp is great for the 15 PRO Max. Super. Cool.

I am a retired pro-photographer, now mainly engaged

with PHOTOART creative street photography ... I will be

the first to ditch mDSLR when these requirements are met.

(trust me peops, it will come, just like 3 cameras

which I predicted a few years ago ... blog 725

even though I pre-predicted the viewfinder)

Furthermore, the old Midnight Green was not liked by Pro Photographers.

So there's another improvement (only for the iPhone 14 Pro Mk II) the all new:

Pro Matte Black

* More on lenses and focal lengths: When I say the lenses are 13, 26, 52 and 104mm then I refer to the equivalent focal lengths for full frame 35mm cameras.

On an iPhone the wide-angle lens has an actual focal length of 4.25mm, which is equivalent to 26mm on a full-frame camera. The 'telephoto' lens is 6mm, which is equivalent to a 52mm lens on a full-frame camera ... which makes it in real terms a normal lens. Only a 12mm lens, comparative to 104mm in full frame 35mm terms, is a true tele lens.

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