zen-photoart course


ZEN PHOTOART is a photography book with a difference ... put magic into your photography. It's available as an e-book on the Adobe Digital Editions platform (Adobe DE is free for both Mac & PC) or as a hard cover coffee table book.

In the Appendix of the e-book are details about how the pictures were taken and retouched (check out the last pages in the reading sample).

Please note: Prices are US$

For more technicals go to Let's Get Technical. Click the composite images below to check out more of my photography. ZEN PHOTOART will give you an insight into composition, light and how to arrive at the right moment to press the button.


This is a brief history of my life as a photographer; enjoy.


For the adventurous among you, there's EROTIC PHOTOART. Shooting nudes is a great hobby ... not easy to make money with, though. I'll soon put my Erotic Photoart book up again ... I'm reviewing it currently (here's a preview).


Once you have whet your appetite for photography, you may want to go pro. GOING PRO is a comprehensive look at what it takes to be a professional photographer. Check out my commercial work by clicking the image below.



What is Zen? Zen is not the hype but being real. Zen gets rid of any superfluous trimmings. Zen is the heart of the matter … ZEN PHOTOART is the essence of good photography. A Zen principle, applied to photography, is to learn the rules and master them; then - once they have become second nature - to forget the rules (make use of them, but be un-conscious of them).


ZEN PHOTOART is a comprehensive, easy to read and easy to understand photography book ... learn to make the magic of photography work for you. You'll gain an understanding of your Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera, of Photoshop and your computer. The book contains many sample photographs, with detailed descriptions of how they are achieved … by a photographer with a strong retouching background. ZEN PHOTOART is about the love of photography, and how to turn it into art. The tools used are a Canon EOS DSLR and a MacBook Pro with Photoshop; the book is well suited to the beginner, as well as dedicated amateurs.


ZEN PHOTOART is the first in a series of books, to get you started. Once you're hooked and want to take your photography to the next level - where you want to make money woith your passion - you may want to have a look as to what it takes to be a photographic assistant. Check out the Assistant's Bible. It'll give you the faith to be the best assistant you can be. It may inspire you to go pro ... and - as you already know - I've got just the book for when you're ready.

ZEN PHOTOART prefers Canon DSLR cameras