A Wedding Photo Shoot


Here is   A Wedding Photo Shoot   ... I was a guest, not a hired photographer; my photos were my wedding gift; but if you like my style ... I'll shoot your wedding.


My style of photography is natural, casual, reportage-like ... yet, professional; with a sense of occasion, attention to detail and consideration for the people being photographed (as opposed to being a showcase of gimmicky "Award-winning Wedding Photography" that says more about the photographer than their subjects ... check out this  picture  of the couple on cow-back). Furthermore, every one of my photographs is individually retouched ... by myself (not a junior assistant).


On a normal wedding assignment I will shoot about 2,000 pictures, for an online gallery of about 200 photos; I will upload and/or provide on a USB stick the 200 photos in b & w and colour, in low & high resolution (so you can make prints). I will spend one day with you for the shoot and more time than a day editing and retouching the photos ... a rule of thumb: It takes more time to edit & retouch, than to shoot. My charge then is $3,500. A wedding shoot over two days yielding about 400 photos costs $4,500.


Should you require a comprehensive reportage of your entire wedding journey, shot on various (up to a total of three) days, the charge is $5,500 ... this is practically an unlimited shoot that will result in more than 500 photos. These costs are for wedding shoots in the greater Sydney area ... weddings outside of Sydney incur travel costs. Additional days are $1,000. Overseas weddings are a minimum of six days, i.e. from $8,500 + travel expenses (business class air travel) for two + per diems.


To get a feel for the style and quality of my photography please browse this website ... you will find I am a thorough professional, with more than 45 years of experience as a dedicated, creative photographer. I am used to serving the most demanding clients and - importantly - I always over-deliver, regardless of the assignment.


Here is my  Sydney PHOTOART Wedding Photography Contract & Booking Form.  Check it out before you contact me - have a read of it. If you like what you see, fill in your details and your requirements; bring it to our first meeting. 

Other services I provide - besides product & advertising photography - are portraits & head-shots ... as well as naughty boudoir photography.

Contact me  (first of all to see if I'm available on your wedding day).