Give the gift of a lifetime

Ladies & Gentlemen

Give the Gift of a Life-time - a Boudoir photo portfolio

There is no better way to spice up your sex-life than with a gallery of your very own Erotic Photoart ... alternatively, an Erotic Photoart portfolio can be the beginning of a satisfying nude modeling career.

My charge is $2,500 for the shoot (similar as for a wedding), which includes an online gallery with at least one hundred fully retouched photographs. A booklet in the style of my Erotic Photoart Magazines with 40 pages is included in my fee. To begin with, after your booking, we will hold a preliminary meeting (if you're from Sydney) to discuss the session and the type of shots you want.

Each session in the shoot takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. We'll work on multiple days, since the subject matter is such that we will need to consider carefully wardrobe, styling, location, make-up etc (professional styling & make-up would incur extra costs). After a few days I will have created an online gallery for you; here are samples of my Erotic Photoart ... 

... please note, I do not have the studio anymore where my erotic photo-art was shot, we would shoot at your home, at an out-door location or a hotel. But be assured that the quality of the photos, my unique photo-art technique and my attention to detail is assured. 

This is a gift for yourselves that will last a life-time, one that may well revive and / or improve your relationship ... as well as your self-esteem & confidence. Think about it: the cost of this life-changing adventure is soon forgotten, but this is a chance to get a beautiful, lasting record of yourself at your very best.

The fee of $2,500 ($1,250 payable in advance to lock in your booking*) is for a session here in Sydney ... other cities & specific location shoots attract travel costs; the pricing for location or overseas shoots is similar to my pricing for weddings.

So, make no mistake about it: Many women regret they didn't have erotic pictures taken when the time was right; and many men would agree … don't join their ranks.

Guys & Couples

This Erotic Photoart service is also available for  

gays & lesbians as well as couples.

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*no refunds after confirmation of a shooting day

one postponement of the shooting date is free

after more cancellations the re-booking fee is $500.