863 The Happiness Advantage

This book shows us how we may have this happiness thing the wrong way 'round ... we think if we just achieve our next milestone, we’ll be happy. Think again.

The book is a business book ... it very much takes the angle of how can we be more successful. Says the author, "Happiness leads to success in nearly every domain ... including work, health, friendship, sociability, creativity and energy."

Thus the principles he talks about can be applied to any aspect of life ... I have an essay  HAPPINESS  in my book  en.light.en.ment

From the Book Depository site:

"Most people want to be successful in life. And of course, everyone wants to be happy. When it comes to the pursuit of success and happiness, most people assume the same formula: if you work hard, you will become successful, and once you become successful, then you'll be happy. 

"The only problem is that a decade of cutting-edge research in the field of positive psychology has proven that this formula is backwards. Success does not beget happiness ... Achor reveals how happiness actually fuels success and performance, not the other way around. 

"Why? Because when we are happier and more positive we are more engaged, creative, resilient to stress, and productive. The Happiness Advantage will appeal to anyone who wants practical advice on how to become happier and also more successful."