950 Liz is Ninety

Our Grandma, Liz Felton, has turned Ninety … for the occasion we created this little booklet, celebrating her life and her family. Now you can buy the book from Blurb. The actual book (Blurb call it a magazine) costs just US$9.99, but the shipping + tax brings the price to approx. US$27.85 = AUD$39.50. 

You can preview the entire book on the Blurb website, just click PREVIEW on the "buy the book"   webpage, or ...

... here is a   PDF of the booklet  ... it is a low-res proof only, not suitable for printing; the book will upload in your browser ... for better viewing download it to your computer. Once you have downloaded it, view it in Preview (not in the Acrobat pdf reader) in "Two Pages" mode, i.e. not as a single page document.

To learn more about Liz go to my blog   777  ... The Woodcarver of Balmoral.