UG Video Production

This is my page with some of the hundreds of videos I have shot for Unity Gym ... go to our You Tube channel for more; check out our Playlists.

For more videos and details about video production, go to VIDEO PRODUCTIONthere you'll find a lot more Unity Gym videos, especially testimonials.

Click here for my Unity Gym photography; for other work please go to: ASSIGNMENTS.

But this is probably a good introduction to Unity Gym ... our 2015 Xmas party and Award Ceremony; learn about the Unity Gym culture:

These days at Unity Gym we very much concentrate on our new FOUNDATION MOVEMENT SYSTEM. Watch the videos, learn all about it.

We're running a 30 Day Trial at Unity Gym, with 10 goals to aspire to ...

This one is Goal 3: Improve Movement Quality

The next one is Goal 10: Minimise Alcohol Consumption

The following three videos are about the FMS Mobility Circuit; watch & learn ...

Do you like to ski? You need to be Fit 2 Ski ...