988 Thoughts and Prayers

This is an (edited) opinion piece by an 18-year-old student

Prayers aren't enough, Prime Minister


On Friday I lost my beautiful home; I am thankful we are all alive and safe.


The fire was unstoppable ... I know the fire fighters did everything they could to protect our house and to them I am extremely grateful.


The fires that joined up and devastated our community were not normal bushfires; for weeks and weeks fires had been burning.


Australia is on fire. 


The federal government must take urgent action on climate change. 


Scientists and fire fighters have been warning about the consequences of doing nothing for so long.


Surely now, with multiple fires burning throughout NSW and Queensland, Scott Morrison must realise that doing nothing is not an option any longer.


I’m heartbroken at what’s happened but I’m also angry that the government is not adequately addressing the climate crisis. 


We thank you for your thoughts and prayers Prime Minister … 

but we need action.