Studio Equipment and Furniture available



I am ready to retire and I had offered my equipment for sale ... but I have changed my mind, since my daughter has expressed interest in becoming a photographer herself (she's currently very busy with two babies). 

Now I'm offering all my equipment and studio furniture to a keen new photographer who wants to start his/her studio, on a for-loan basis ... they have to come up with the venue, a suitable premises for a studio. We would share in the studio where I provide the furniture and equipment in return for being able to use the studio every once in a while (probably about once or twice a month).


So, if you're keen  email me.


Make no mistake: This is a complete, professional studio fit-out ... a whole livelihood for a switched-on operator. Most studio furniture is on rollers, so the equipment you need is always close by ... everything has its place, everything is at hand; you won't have to shift stuff to get to gear you need. It's a well designed and very compact studio, requiring about 50sqm of floor space to do any shoot ... product shots, portraits, still life, fashion, actors, rock musicians ...


This is the equipment list: 8 x Visatec flash units; Canon EOS 1 Ds Mk III 24-70mm (the camera and lens I would keep with me), 70-200mm zoom, 90mm TSE, 45mm TSE, 100mm Macro w. two close up rings, 50mm f/1.2; an Apple Mac BookPro 17" with 23" monitor; Manfrotto tripod & stands and a set of Foba combo tubes plus many items of studio furniture (custom made trolleys) + far too many accessories to mention here.


All this is available at no charge, but on a contra-deal basis as a long term loan, where you would pay the rent + outgoings of the studio. As a bonus I can offer the new operator my 40 years of experience as a commercial photographer to draw on (every now and then!)

Here's what the gear looks like:


... shot on my iPhone