Assistants Bible

The Assistant's Bible offers one hundred tips of how to become the best photographic assistant you can be ... if this booklet doesn't do it, consider changing careers!


Are you a photographer who employs assistants? Here's your tool to educating, shaping, moulding them, and generally turning them into better believers.

The Assistant's Bible has been in the making for some 40 years; that's for how long myself (and my assistants, bless them) have been working on it.

Two versions are available: The US$5 e-book for the Adobe Digital Editions reader (it's free for both Mac or PC ... the iPad version will come soon). And an extended pocket/note book for US$10 (+ $5.95 postage, it gets to you in about 7 days).

This 100 verse catechism is just 33 pages (70 in the printed version, which doubles as a notebook) … an easy read, but full of invaluable advice. Here's an eight page reading sample ... send me your comments.

Praise the Lord.