Lacquered, Custom Framed, Limited Edition Pictures

These pictures are individually handmade by myself in editions of 100 - they are A2 in size (approx. 40cm x 60cm + the frame). The photos are mounted and hand lacquered with a protective coating - this gives them a painterly appearance; then they are custom framed, i.e. the frame is hand made, with colours in the frame matched to colours in the picture.

Make no mistake - these pictures are premium art-works due to their uniqueness (remember: the frames are custom made, no two frames are the same). Furthermore, if you have special framing requirements - if, for instance, you want the frame matched to the style of your interior - this can be arranged.

Please note: Any of my photographs are available as Lacquered, Custom Framed, Limited Edition Pictures. The production time is approx. three to four weeks. Contact me for details.  

Currently available:

LA022 Food Still Life ... $2,950

AC009 Harbour Bridge in the Rain ... $2,750

LA020 Still Life with Otard Cognac LA020 ... $2,750

BC001 The Grand Moreton Bay Fig ... $2,950

BD001 Tree Fantasie ... $2,950