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I call my book a 'Living Book'; it is very topical and I revise it frequently. On this page you can track revisions ... if you have an earlier edition, you can see here which is the current edition and how new editions have been updated.


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Below is an overview of the changes to en.light.en.ment throughout the editions:

Edition 52   this is the current en.light.en.ment edition, for sale only from Lulu, right here on my website

THREETHOUSAND       amended the time-line of the history of humankind after reading Sapiens 

FAITH       added the story of Desmond Doss and Hacksaw Ridge

PANPSYCHISM       new essay, panpsychism relates consciousness to the physical world

ETHICS       added a section to the footnotes about the secular nature of ethics

QUALITY       new essay with a definition of Quality, as per ZEN and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance


Edition 51  

KRISHNAMURTI       added one last thought about meditation

MONEY       added two paragraphs after reading The Barefoot Investor; amended my note re. Bob Proctor to: 'To help you feel rich, visit Bob at'

REALITY 1       a new edit, to the last sentence: There is no God; the belief in the dogma of an interventionist God potentially causes violence and wars

XXXIII       new appendix page with blog 958 Belief vs Reality

PHILOSOPHY      new essay listing my influences

STOICISM       made edits after I started reading The Daily Stoic

LGBT       added non-binary and cisgender


Edition 50   

FREE WILL       added a footnote about Albert Einstein's take on Free Will

HOLOCAUST      amended the definition for Zionism

MINDFULNESS      new essay

SATORI      added six + one paragraphs in the footnotes, about my inner experiences

XXVIII       new appendix page: an abbreviated version of blog 943 about the Fourth Filter

XXIX       new appendix page: an abbreviated version of blog 946 about Albert Einstein's "God Letter"

XXX       new appendix page: an abbreviated version of blog 949 about Albert Einstein's "Cosmic religion"

XXXII      new appendix page: an abbreviated version of blog 953 about Albert Einstein's "Weltbild"



* Edition 49   en.light.en.ment volume 2019, for sale - throughout 2019 - at Amazon and other online retailers *  

EINSTEIN, HAWKING       new essay: Hawking

XXIV       new appendix page: an abbreviated version of blog 945 about The Sermon On The Mount

XXVII       new appendix page: an abbreviated version of blog 941 about the Great Filter

JESUS       new essay: Christians believe Jesus to be their Messiah, offering salvation & eternal life

REALITY 1       new essay: There is no God, so there's no point fighting wars of which God is true

REALITY 4       added footnotes with a comment by Krishnamurti, and after reading the book The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking: What is Reality?

SCRIPTURE       added a paragraph in the footnotes, about Jesus' Sermon On The Mount

THE FUTURE 2       new essay: Will humanity survive?

CLIMATE CHANGE DENIALISM       I added a mention of natural, Ice Age causing climate change

WHY       I added three footnotes

XXV       this is the abbreviated version of my blog 938 about Leo Tolstoy and his take on the truth

XXXII    I have re-introduced my UNITY page  


Edition 48   

XVII    this is a re-write of page 17 in the appendix, my abbreviated version of my blog 482 on truth 

JAINISM    made a change referring to the Jain's concept of truth 

THE TRUTH 3, 4   new essays; combined with THE PATH


Edition 47   

THE PATH   new essay; also new:  XXIII  The Path: At the feet of the Master; see also my blog 935

THE TRUTH 1, 2   I combined the two essays on the one page, to make room for THE PATH

CREATIVITY, CRIME   I added CREATIVITY, which I had deleted before

METAPHYSICS   I made changes since I added CREATIVITY again

GOD 6   I added a second section with a reference to a Krishnamurti book, see also my blog 935

WISDOM   I added another footnote, also with a reference to a Krishnamurti book


Edition 46   

KNOW YOUR SELF   in the footnote, I added the very last sentence, "the self is a process"

MEDITATION 2   I added new footnotes, quotes from Krishnamurti and Osho, see also my blog 927

SPIRITUAL   new footnote, about Spirituality and Intellectual Honesty, see also my blog 932

VEDANTA   new footnote about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi & Transcendental Meditation, blog 931


Edition 45   

GOD 1   this is a re-write of the essay 

I have re-instated the additional pages that were in the front of edition 37, they're now an appendix (I removed them after the Foreword Review, see my vlog of 16 March 2018). These are the pages:


Edition 44

ATARAXIA   added three paragraphs to the footnote, about how to learn happiness 

EXPECTATIONS   new essay, about how they inhibit our personal freedom - bunched together with EVIL


Edition 43   

FREE-THINKING, FREE WILL   two essays on the one page, FREE WILL is new, edited from WILL

DETACHMENT   video   added footnote about Comedians in Cars getting Coffee, + two more paragraphs about the news

WASATIA   new essay, about the Palestinian peace movement


Edition 42  

CHILDREN   Saskia, Yani and Radjin

BLASPHEMY  video   added definition for 'oxymoron'

SATORI   added quote by Virginia Woolf

RATIONALISM  video   changed the last sentence in the footnotes: Making the right choices

RELIGION 2  video   two paragraphs added at the bottom: Don't underrate one aspect of religion

VEGETARIAN   two paragraphs added to the footnote about the work of Jane Goodall


Edition 41

FACTFULNESS  video   new essay, about two new books I have on order ... very exciting, see my  blog 891

FACTFULNESS    work in progress ... there's method in the madness

LIFE  video  new page; LIFE 1 & 2 combined and edited ... to make room for FACTFULNESS

GOD 3  video   edited the last sentence in the bottom section


Edition 40

ALONE  video    two paragraphs added at the bottom

DEATH 3  video   two paragraphs added at the bottom: Who does the dead body belong to?

DELUSION, EGO   ego is a new essay

DUALITY   added second paragraph from the bottom ... "Indeed, it must be understood ..."

GOD 3  video   the bottom section with three new paragraphs and UNITY added

THE FUTURE   three new paragraphs added at the bottom

WAR   the bottom paragraph added, the one about what shall happen first when declaring war


Edition 39   

BLASPHEMY  video   new essay

CREATIVITY ... this essay has been deleted, to make room for BLASPHEMY; along with deleting Creativity, I've deleted the Nine Dots puzzle from my book (even though it was ever so pertinent on the EINSTEIN page)

GANDHI   clarified comment on Gandhi's quotes

METAPHYSICS   edited after CREATIVITY was deleted

REALITY 1   added comments at the bottom, three paragraphs



* Edition 38   en.light.en.ment volume 2018, for sale - throughout 2018 - at Amazon and other online retailers *