742 Baird greyhounds

How amazing, Mike Baird’s “about turn”. The way he has gone about implementing that law and then reversing it saying, “I was wrong”, is so wrong. Why on Earth did he not just say, “we looked at many more angles, listened to many more people, and this is what we’ll do: the greyhound industry has six months to give us reason to reverse the law.” (Intermediate) end of story. What sort of politician is he?

But the whole saga is bewildering, to say the least: it may be true there is cruelty inherent in running greyhounds. As there is in running horses. (Or, for that matter, rugby players.) But if we look at the problems of domestic violence, car-crash deaths, suicides, deaths in custody and those related to alcohol abuse … it’s probably - relatively speaking - not worth putting thousands of people out of work for. Perspective, people, let’s be real. 


(I'd like to know if all those who cry out about cruelty to hounds & horses are vegans; or do they by any chance eat meat, chickens, eggs and drink milk? If they do, are they aware what's being done to animals in order to feed the masses?)